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And hello to all of you that enter my Halloween's Unseen domain through the second page. I have now updated this whole spooky site so be forewarned! I have lots of goodies that I have put up and you will be thrilled when you see it! So please, continue on down for a real spooky ride or you can go here and start at the beginning of our haunted world! It's your decision so pick your poison! And now I have more work to do (and she slowly shuffles away)! Love to all, Janet

And now for a new beginning (or ending), whichever way you are coming from. Be forewarned that the following pictures are scary - and completely REAL. I took them myself during a cemetery crawl I and my niece did in Galveston, Texas. As you will see, I'm not afraid to get close - real close! We were shocked at what we found in the same Oleander Cemetery that we have visited and photographed many, many times. You might say we "dug" a lot deeper and this is what we found. AND - by the looks of the Ecto Mist and Orbs, we certainly stirred something up! These are good pictures for ghostly fun but the truth of what has been done to the final resting place of these folks is a crying shame. What kind of people vandalize cemeteries? And what's the point - to steal bones, jewelry or what? One of these pictures looks like they got into the casket at the head. Do you think the skull is now sitting on someone's mantle? I don't get it, I mean, even the skulls in my room aren't real! he! he! Anyway, on we go! Go have a look and if anyone would like to rant about grave robbers, just send me an email and I will definitely sympathize with you! Oh, by the way, anyone else got any pictures of graves that have been vandalized? I know, I'm never happy! Happy Halloween! Janet

This is the mausoleum, just like any old mausoleum. It does look creepy though, don't you think?
This is what it looks like inside.
And again.
We have a lot of energy spinning around in this one. I think we may not be wanted here!
And she watched them while they did their dirty work - the bastards!

And there's more after a word from our sponsors ... hee!

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Okay, we're back and there's more and it's freaky/creepy! Our Ghost Tracker looked at these pics and look what he found! He's found a face and I don't know about you but I bet it's one of the people that are buried there. And the next one, he's circled the orb. Also, I'd like to mention that I've had several emails from others that have seen that same face. A super validation I suspect!

Oh wow! Check this out, creepies! Everyone is finding such interesting things in my Mausoleum pictures! I received an email from my friend Anon and what a surprise it was! This is truly incredible and I'm so glad Anon not only found it but was so kind to bring it to my attention. Here's Anon describing what is actually in these pictures!

Hey guys, I love your site. I was looking at your crypt pics when I saw something that you had missed. Get out the first crypt pic of the coffin, I believe its file name is coffinvandal1.jpg. Look in the lower right hand side of the coffin, there you will find the perfect image of a young woman with bobbed hair and a white blouse on. Notice that in the second pic she is no longer there, but wait she turns up again in coffinvandal3.jpg. Look all the way to the back of the tomb in the middle of the wall you will see her staring right at you. There seems to be an arch (a small one) on the wall just in front of the person snapping the pics, look in the middle and the same young girl is looking right at you.

Just thought you should know. You guys did it! You captured a real apparition! That's pretty cool.

Loyal viewer of your Website,

And in another email Anon writes:
Hi Janet, here are the pics with the ghost circled. I hope you are as proud as I am... I'm telling you ... that whether you did it on purpose or not there is a girl watching you in the pics. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Faithful Visitor

Ok, everyone, hold on to yourselves! Do I have a treat for you! I am so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to not only link to a great site but I will also post one of the most fantastic ghostly events that I have ever seen! Please I want everyone to welcome Red Wolf, Owner and Operator of Alone. This web site is truly interesting and it rates very high on the creep factor and the following video will prove it! This video is of a ghost walking across the street. I mean, plain and simple, it is what it is - a ghost walking across the street! I can think of no other explanation. I welcome anyone to try to explain it! Anyway, I'll stop blabbing and get on with it but thanks again, Red Wolf, for this wonderful Halloween 2003 treat!

Ok, ok, ok, I give up! I've received so many emails telling me that this video is not real. Bummer. Why did y'all have to take my fun away? I SO wanted it to be real! But alas, even my Ghost Tracker (he's back!) told me that it is a fake. He also added that he himself had made a video very similar to this one too. And, you know, Red Wolf, of Alone, didn't even claim it to be real! Oh well, I guess I'll have to transfer this one to my No Ghosts Here page. Damn, damn, double damn! Don't worry, I still love y'all, I'll get over it, I'll be okay, I'll go on! Cackle, cackle, cackle! Janet

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Well, alrighty then, don't panic! I'm updating so hang in there for only a little while! In the meantime, if you have any pictures that you would like displayed, just send them to me. I'll put them up for you! The more the merrier! Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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