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Ghost Pictures - November 16, 2004

Update in purple below!

The Face - UTMB in Galveston, Texas

Ok, check this out. This is the infamous "Face" that has stubbornly appeared on the University of Texas Medical Building Ewing Hall (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas. Legend has it that the gentleman's image that you will see embedded in the wall is none other than the original owner of the land that this building sits on. Apparently, before the gentleman died, he thought that he made it perfectly clear to his family that this land was not to be sold! Well, as soon as the guy died, what did his family do? Yep, gleefully, and with greedy intent, they sold it. But, as the story goes, our man would have the last laugh for eternity. Although, the hospital has tried to remove the Face that you see here, and I mean, they sandblasted it a couple of times, the glorious image of the REAL owner keeps coming back, and coming back, AND COMING BACK! They just can't rid themselves of the curse so I guess they have settled in and will just have to live with it. An interesting side story is that a young nurse was killed when she tried to view the Face. No, the Face didn't kill her but it seems she backed up her car after viewing the Face and she just backed right up into the water and she and her Honda Civic - well, you can figure out the rest. Can you say Glub, Glub! Needless to say, her survivors have a huge lawsuit going against the manufacturers of her Honda Civic saying that her seatbelt did not release when it was underwater and thus, she was unable to unhook herself and subsequently drowned. Interesting. Anyway, so here are the pics of "THE FACE." I have heard how hard it is to get to the Face to see it but all we did was drive up and take pictures of it! Woo Hoo! Have fun - enjoy! Janet


Update November 16, 2004 - WOW! Check this out! A new Halloween's Unseen cohort has sent us some fantastic pictures of the UTMB Face! Thanks Billy! These were taken directly from the harbor behind the building. You have to be in a boat to get these. Anyway, here's the scoop and the legend. This is really cool, I never heard this one before! Anyway, here goes, our friend Billy writes:

Here are the pictures of the Galveston Face. You can see where they have sand blasted the 2 panels above. The story I heard was that they did not sand blast the bottom one because of the door below. If they sand blast the bottom panel, then the face could get inside through the door. I heard that story about 15 years ago. Enjoy.

Oh my gawd, now am I understanding this right? The Face was on the top panel so they sand blasted it off. Yes, you can see that the top panel is a different texture. Okay, so now the Face moves down to the second panel (!), right? Now, they sand blast it off the second panel. So now, the Face moves right on down to the third panel where it is now? Am I right here? Okay, now they're going to leave it there because they don't want the Face moving inside the building through the door below where the Face is now?????????!!!!!!!!!!! Move inside the building? What? Wait a minute. Uh, I'm having a problem here!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me! Just think of it - for real! This is real, guys! What would that damn thing do inside the building? I shiver to think of it! This is just too freaky creepy for me! Tee Hee! I love it! Janet


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