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Ghost Pictures
Ghost Pictures - November 13, 2004

I am encouraged, eerily so! This page, my latest creation, is what I call my mad assortment. In addition to upsetting your dreams with the music that you are hearing, I have compiled my joyfully odd assortment of photos that my beloveds from all over the world have sent to me. I've also added a taste of my madness to the mix. There are photos that I have taken, some in New Orleans, that gave me a thrill. I tried to add that little extra something to make you think, or should I say remember, the moment that frightened you and the moment that you can't forget. I try for this in my photos, the ones that I take. That extra surge of, oh my gawd!!!! Well, enough, I must get to work now, must fulfill my desire on this night to frighten you. Love you to the end, the end....... Janet

My Room

My room in New Orleans with a very special orb over the television set and a view of the shower, yes, the shower scene! I SO loved this room!

My Love

My love, my date in New Orleans, my kindred even! I love him. I felt so safe!

City of the Dead

At home, stirring up the dead in the City of the Dead, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Elderly Dead

Okay this photo is the offering from my friend Lolali, from the Phillippines. What a fantastic photo! Here's what Lolali had to say about it: "Hi, my name is Lolali. This picture that I am sending you was taken last year, October 2004, in Bacolod City (Philippines) when I had my 2 weeks training at the Home For The Aged. It's around 4PM when I asked one of the elderly there to stand and pose because I was goning take a picture of him. After a week when I already have my pictures developed, I was shocked to see one of the pictures I took in my Kodak camera with an ordinary film (135 film)! I hope you can post this in your site. Thank you and More Power, Lolali." And there it is, Lolali. I am so proud of this photo. What an eerie addition to my mad assortment! Love you, Janet


This photo is from my friend Kizzie in Hertfordshire England UK. I'm always so shocked when I realize people from all over the world are looking at Halloween's Unseen! That means my silliness is worldwide! Anyway, here's what Kizz says about her photo. I definitely think something is going on in that room and with a bed like that, it should be! Kizzie writes: My friend Michele/Jane sent me a link to your site late one night, and I was looking at all the orbs etc. and thought I would look through my digital photos, never thought I would see anything but on the second photo I looked at, there it was. (I had taken the photo a couple of years ago when I had first decorated my flat.) It's funny because I sometimes get a feeling I'm being watched in that room (not a scary feeling at all). Anyway, the next day I enlarged the photo and I saw an old man's face in it and to me it looks like my grandad. I sent the photo to my sister (I never said who I thought the likeness was of) and she sent a mail back saying "blimy that looks like grandad"! The face is to the side looking away from my bed. Thank you for looking at it and if you want to put it on your site I'm fine with that. If you want to know anything else, just mail me. Take care. Kizzie Hertfordshire England UK

Best Orb Yet

Now I think the orb in this photo is without a doubt the BEST orb that is on this whole site. Look at it there on the right! This photo was sent to me by a friend in Nova Scotia, Canada. Heard tell that the lady's mother had passed away about a year ago. Do you think it's Grandma? All I can say is WOW!

Death Coach

Ah, the Death Coach - and a few orbs. Love this!


Preparation for a homecoming.


And my final trickery, ghostly children running through the cemetery happily trick or treating. I hope you've enjoyed my mad assortment, my beloveds! Love each and every one of you, Janet


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