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Celebrity Morgue
Celebrity Morgue - October 20, 2009

John C. Holmes

John Holmes

Can you say piece of shit? Okay, a bit judgmental, yes, but have any of you even read one single thing about John C. Holmes? Do you mean the John Holmes of porn star fame? Yes, indeed I do. I must admit that researching Mr. Holmes was not the easiest thing for me to do! I found the story to be quite unsettling - horrifying even. This story has everything, sex, drugs and murder - and I mean murder in a big way! So on we go. Be forewarned my friends for this story is quite explicit sexually and not intended for the young or easily offended!

So let's get started shall we? In the course of telling this troubling story, I will speak of Holmes' porn days. I will thrill you with a trip to Wonderland. I will touch on the end - on Holmes' disgraceful end and the fact that he took several unsuspecting victims with him. But let's start at the beginning and then brace ourselves for the horrific events that were the span of John Holmes' life. And then the end. Thank God, the end! So now, I would like everyone to meet Mr. John C. Holmes, our guest of honor for this Halloween 2009!

Allrighty then, how many of you have seen John C. Holmes' penis? Hmmm? Raise your hands. Nobody? Anybody? Everybody? Yes. While doing my research, I was made a reluctant witness to Holmes' claim to fame. John C. Holmes had a huge penis and his life and death were defined by it. I found pictures of Holmes' penis, a couple of which I've included here. I've presented these photos as links for those of you that don't wish to see such stark porno strangeness.


Ugh. I hate that and as I'm sure you have noticed, I have no respect for John C. Holmes. But looking at those pictures, it's no wonder he defined himself so closely with his penis. It was a huge presence in his life! Can you imagine being confronted with that thing everyday of your life? And it was a fucking moneymaker too.

It has to be said that John C. Holmes' life began as normally as anyone else's. He was born on August 8, 1944 in Pickaway County, Ohio. John's dad, Edward Holmes, was an alcoholic carpenter and his mother, Mary Holmes, was a Baptist. John's memories of his childhood are not good as can be expected with an alcoholic father. Apparently at some point, John's mother and father divorced and as is normal, John's mother moved on and married an alcoholic manic-depressive thus keeping the family tradition firmly intact.

John was a shy kid and had perfect attendance in Sunday School. He lost his virginity at 12 years of age to a 36 year old female child molester who was a friend of his mother's. Harold, the step-father, picked on John relentlessly which eventually drove John out. John laid low until one day when Harold threw him down the stairs. Not surpisingly, John knocked him out. On John's 16th birthday, he joined the Army, serving most of his time in Germany. Eventually John was discharged from the Army, began driving an ambulance and married a nurse, Sharon.

And that, dear ones, is where the normalcy ends. As the legend goes, Sharon got off work early one day and went home and surprised John in the bathroom. John was naked and held his penis in one hand and a tape measure in the other. John declared, "It goes from 5 inches to 10! It's 4 inches around! I believe I've found my life's work!" John went on to explain to Sharon that it was really no different than a carpenter working with his tools. His dick was his tool and having sex with 100s of women on camera didn't mean a thing. It's just his way of making money. It was his job and Sharon should accept it as such. And she did, well in her way. Not surprisingly, Sharon quit having sex with John. She still stayed married to him and she paid for all their food and household expenses, did John's laundry and cooked for him. For John's part, he kept all his porn money and spent it on himself.

Interesting tidbit here: John collected animal skulls (he would) and he somehow managed to get a human skull from UCLA. He boiled it clean in a pot on the stove. They called it Louise and decorated it each Christmas with colored lights.

During John's career, he went by many names: Big John Fallus, Big John Holmes, John 'Johnny Wadd' Holmes, John C. Holmes, John Curtis Holmes, Johnny Holmes, Bigg John, Big John, John Rey, Johnny Wadd, John Sacre, Bernard Emil Weik II, Long John Wadd. His drug of choice was freebase. John loved, loved, loved his cocaine!

Now John's porno career had really taken off. He supposedly made some 2,000 porno films and participated in about 14,000 fucks over the span of his career. And as for his porno films, well believe it or not, they had a plot. They were more than just people going at it to really corny music. And yes, the music you are hearing came from one of these porn films. Holmes was cast as Johnny Wadd and he was supposed to be some kind of detective or some damn thing. Anyway, if you have seen any of these videos, you already know that they are so stupid! The acting sucks so bad, you can't help but crack up. It's so awful, it hurts just to watch it! But the money rolled in and Wadd was doing pretty good for himself.

Another interesting tidbit here: The first John Holmes porn videos I ever saw were actually films that were confiscated by the police. Then in turn, these confiscated videos were stolen by an employee of the police department and hence they showed up in my livingroom on my TV. Hmmmm, I wonder how that happened? Okay, never mind....

Well now, as can be expected, the drugs started to take their toll on John and his, uh, his little friend. John was at the height of his drug addiction and he was dead broke. That ol' cocaine will do it everytime! So what's he do? Just like all of us, he turned to crime. You wouldn't do that? Really? Kay.

Holmes was arrested during this time for pimping and pandering, but he avoided prison time by becoming an informant for the LAPD on matters of porn and prostitution, this being his first official snitching job. John was so broke that he resorted to stealing luggage from the baggage claim in the airport, sold things he purchased with his wife's charge cards and broke into cars. Yes, times were tough for Long John Wadd and apparently his big ol' dick just wasn't working as well as it used to what with the cocaine and all. John wasn't getting porn roles anymore either. And now we've had our first glimpse of just what lengths John will go to for the care of his own needs.

It was during this time that John met the devil himself, Eddie Nash, a Palestinian-born nightclub owner also known as Adel Gharib Nasrallah. John got involved with the alleged drug dealer, who had an unsavory reputation. Even the police were uneasy when they heard Eddie Nash's name. According to John's wife, "Eddie Nash was an awful man. John told me he used to leave the bathrooms without toilet paper, then offer the young women cocaine if they'd lick his ass clean." And that ain't no shit! Yup! And as luck would have it, Eddie Nash liked Johnny Wadd. He liked John's celebrity, his infamy, his dick.

Eddie Nash

So, here was Bigg John Wadd, who was now making new friends with a group of outlaws and junkies who lived at 8763 Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon, CA. These were the members of the so-called Wonderland Gang and these were some scary dudes and their women. At the time, things were rocking along at Wonderland. Parties, parties, parties. Drugs, drugs, drugs. Sex, sex, sex. Happy times, good memories. Holmes was said to have worked for the Gang selling drugs for them. After stealing money during a couple of drug runs, Holmes found himself in trouble with the Gang. And by then the drugs were running low. Los Angeles had virtually dried up and times were desperate for the Gang. They needed to score and they needed it fast! John, apparently in exchange for his life after ripping the Gang off, told them about a very large stash of drugs, money and jewelry that Eddie Nash had in his house. Bigg John allegedly came up with a plan. He now had the undivided attention of the Wonderland Gang. All Johnny Wadd had to do was leave a door unlocked for easy access to Eddie Nash's stash. The Gang was all over this as you can imagine.

Holmes allegedly went to Nash's house on the pretext of buying drugs. While doing so, Holmes scouted out Nash's house and left a back door unlocked. He then reported back to the Gang that the coast was clear. The Wonderland Gang allegedly wasted no time in making their way to Nash's stash. The Gang surprised Nash and forced him at gunpoint to open a floor safe, which yielded more than $100,000 in cash, $150,000 in jewelry, eight pounds of cocaine, a kilo of heroin and 5,000 Quaaludes. Nobody died that night.

When the Gang returned to their Laurel Canyon hideout on Wonderland Avenue, Holmes was waiting for them. He freebased some of the coke and then they gave him his cut. Bigg John received a paltry $3,000 for having unlocked Nash's back door the night before. John was pissed. A few days later, Nash caught up with Holmes and noticed that he was wearing a ring that had been stolen from Nash's house! Nash, as can be expected, persuaded John to confess what he did. Nash wanted revenge and he wanted his shit back. Nash threatened John and John snitched out the Wonderland Gang - once again saving his scrawny ass. Upon leaving the house on Wonderland Avenue, John left the door ajar.

8763 Wonderland Avenue

8763 Wonderland Avenue

To this day there is something creepy about the house on Wonderland Avenue. Although the various owners have tried over the years, there's just no way to rid the house of the memory of a quadruple homicide so bloody that it drew comparisons to the Manson Family killings. On July 1, 1981, four of John's acquaintances raided 8763 Wonderland Avenue at the behest of Eddie Nash and brutally murdered everyone in the house. The Coroner had to scrape the bodies of Ronald Launius, William DeVerell, Barbara Richardson and Joy Audrey Miller off the floor, the walls, the furniture. Someone had bludgeoned each resident of this notorious drug den repeatedly with a steel pipe while they slept. The 5th Victim Susan Launius was the only one that lived. The Wonderland murders would become to be known as the "Four on the Floor" murders. I've included the crime scene photos here safely tucked away behind links. Look if you dare but I will not be responsible for possible nightmares. These photos are gruesome and that's putting it lightly. There's also a video on the next page narrated by my friend Scott (findadeath.com and Dearly Departed Tours) which shows the crime scene in some detail. Very explicit - you have been warned!

Victim 1    Victim 1    Victim 1

Victim 1    Victim 2    Victim 3

Victim 4    Victim 5

After the murders, the police, in hopes of solving the crimes, offered John Holmes a deal. John had finally realized that his snitching ways were becoming dangerous to his life. Apparently John was shot at and his life as well as the lives of his family members were threatened if he told the police anything. For once John told the cops to fuck off. The cops got pissed and took Bigg John to trial. John was tried in 1982 for his involvement in the Wonderland killings but he was acquitted of all charges because of lack of evidence. The Wonderland case remains unsolved to this day. Eddie Nash has been brought up on charges over the years for conspiracy to commit the Wonderland murders as well as racketeering, bribery, narcotics trafficking and money laundering. In 1991, Eddie Nash was ultimately acquitted of all charges with regard to the Wonderland killings. Of late, Eddie Nash is a frail, shrunken little man suffering from emphysema and tuberculosis. What comes around, goes around and so it is.

John Holmes

Bigg John went back to the porn industry but it had changed over to videotape and the money just wasn't there any longer. And because of John Wadd's past drug use, his big ol' dick just wasn't what it used to be. John, again, just wasn't getting the big parts. In February 1986, Holmes was diagnosed HIV-positive but continued to make films WITHOUT INFORMING ANY OF HIS PARTNERS OF HIS HEALTH STATUS! That's our John Wadd. Holy crap. During the last four months of his life, he was essentially bed-ridden, constantly going to hospitals for treatment. John Holmes died from AIDS-related complications on March 13, 1988 at the age of 43. His body was cremated, and his ashes were scattered at sea off the coast of Oxnard, California.

Here's an interesting story although I don't know if it's true. The story goes that John Holmes had a fear that after he died, someone would sneak in and steal his penis, put it in a jar and make it the main attraction in some kind of freak show that would travel all over the country charging people to have a look at it. John supposedly had a pact with his girlfriend that when he died and just before he was put in the flames, his girlfriend was to peek in the box and make sure John's prick was still there. Anyway, it was and it burned. Yay!

I also heard that John's penis was so big that when he got aroused, so much blood would rush out of his head to his prick that he would get light-headed and pass out. Hee!

One more bit of history, John's dick was said to be measured from anywhere between 10 inches to 15 inches long and 4 inches wide.

And an interesting myth, a teenage Holmes played the role of Eddie Haskell in the TV series Leave it to Beaver. (The character was really portrayed by actor Ken Osmond, who bore a resemblance to Holmes).

Funny but horrible story: John wanted to mess with some girl�s head and laced her ice cream cone with LSD and laxative. While she was tripping her brain out and pooing her guts out, he told her she was melting. Thanks Scott (findadeath.com)!

And too, be sure to see the movie "Boogie Nights." It was based loosely on the life of John Holmes except that the movie is funny and John Holmes most assuredly was not.

Okay, I'll stop. Man, this one is long. STOP! Okay, no more dick stuff. In some instances, I have quoted directly from my resources so please forgive me. I've listed my references below. Hope this will clear things up a bit. I've also included a few You Tube videos on the next page. Hope this one did you good! Janet


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